HK Gaming Mira-S Gaming Mouse Reveiw

Let me just say the HK Gaming Mira-S is the lightweight gaming mouse you’ve been waiting for. Before I get into the details lets look at what you get in the box. Spoiler Alert: It’s not as much as you get with the G Wolves Hati that we reviewed, but it’s all you really need for a mouse.

Photo: TLR Technology The unboxing experience, nothing to fancy, but its packaged nicely.

“You can’t go wrong with this mouse”

Chris. B

The picture below shows everything you get in the box. First, you get the HK Gaming Mira-S which is a small-sized mouse that is nearly identical to the GMMK Model D. Its made for small to medium hands and it’s also easy to claw grip if you have larger hands… Again similar to the Model D, but we’ll compare the to later. Next, you get an extra full set of mouse skates ( The feet the mouse slides on) so you’ll be sliding smooth for a long time. The third thing you will find is actually 2 sets of grips that are textured and allow you to maintain a firm grip in the heat of battle if necessary. Again, it is not as much as the Hati, but it’s way more than enough, and it’s more than I’ve gotten with any of the Logitech or Corsair mouse that we have.

Same, Same But Different… But Still Same

The Mira- S is really a lighter GMMK Model D by a few grams. This is likely due to the lack of extra RGB that the Model D has around the base. The only RGB you will find on the Mira-S is on the scroll wheel which can be set by the user and identifies the DPI (speed ) of the mouse profile. Another advantage it has compared to the Model is it’s an ambidextrous shape, the Model D is designed for right-handed users. Please don’t think I’m saying the GMMK Model D is bad because I’m sure it’s not. We don’t have a Model D but we do have the Model O, the bigger brother. Chris actually did a comparison and I’ll post his thought below. He has been using a Model O exclusively for months so you might find his thought valuable.

Photo: TLR Technology What you get in the box.

As far as the details the HK Gaming Mira-S uses the same Pixart PMW3360 gaming sensor as the Model D, Model O, and Hati. Resolution is up to 12000cpi and can be adjusted in the HK gaming software which is very similar to the software you get with the GMMK mouse and the Hati.

The para-cord that HK gaming chose to use is fantastic. It’s easily goes toe to toe with other top tier gaming mouse. Its pretty evident that HK has spared no expense and cut no corners with this mouse… Other than maybe removing the additional unnecessary RGB in the name of weight savings and performance.


Other accessories are the white PTFE skate/feet (PTFE is basically Teflon). The same stuff used to lubricate moving parts and use to make pots and pans nonstick. So expect long-wearing, buttery smooth gliding across a wide range of services. Again, the same material you get with the GMMK Model D. REMEMBER: This is an extra set of feet, so the Mira-S lightweight gaming mouse will keep you gaming longer before you need to spend any extra money.

The last thing to talk about is the additional textured grips. I never really use them. I didn’t use them on the Haiti either. The airflow through the honeycomb design really helps to keep your hands cool and sweat-free. If you do want the additional grip or width they are provided and like I said before it is nice that they throw them in the box.

Thoughts Of G-Wolves Haiti User

Now for my thoughts. I like the Haiti and used it exclusively until recently. I have another mouse that I’m reviewing. The reason I’m saying that is the Haiti similar build, style, lightweight, and breathable chassis. So for me, the feeling was kind of familiar. I say kind of because the Mira-S… S(small) is small… It is noticeably smaller compared to all the other mice that we have and that I’ve been using.

The plastic feels the same, the weight, balance, glide all feel really similar to me but the small size means that I have to adjust my grip. If you have small hands, like to claw grip or just like the feel of a small mouse the HK Gaming Mira- S is really hard to beat at the price. Once you consider the build, the Pixart 3360 gaming sensor, Omron switches, and extra accessories the choice is easy. Unless you want more RGB at the expense of a little weight… If so get the GMMK Model D.

If you want the perspective read the review from Chris. He has been using the GMMK Model O for months now as his primary gaming mouse. Below are his thoughts. If you are interested in buying the Mira-S please consider using our affiliate links by clicking on HK Gaming Mira-S or the link below. TLR might get a small kickback that helps us keep the website up and running… Thanks

Thoughts From A GMMK Model O User

I have been a fan of the GMMK Model O for a long time now.  It is my go to mouse for every game.  When asked to try this mouse out I figured I’d go back to my Model O in a few hours.  To my surprise, that wasn’t the case.  This mouse looks exactly like the Model O and has a lot of the same features.  It is super lightweight and the cord isn’t stiff.  The combination of these two things make it seem like you are playing with a wireless mouse. 

It has great airflow that keeps your palms from sweating.  It is small but not too small.  I can play with a palm, claw, and fingertip grip comfortably.  When it comes to the software, to my surprise, it looks exactly like the software for the Model O.  The software is easy to use and has quite a few settings you can adjust.  Not as many as the Model O but more than enough.

Final thoughts.  I think the GMMK Model O is the best all-around mouse for gaming or just working on the computer.  With that being said this mouse makes it hard to choose which one I’m going to use for the day.  In fact, if it wasn’t for the difference in size I would easily mistake it for the GMMK Model O.  What HK Gaming has done here is nothing short of building a masterpiece.  You can’t go wrong with this mouse.

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