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G-Wolves Hati Review: Value Redefined

I know it has been a little while since I’ve reviewed a mouse. Well, this mouse is something special and deserves a full review. Sometimes you come across a product that isn’t only good but is value redefined and sets the bar of what you come to expect from products in the future. The G-Wolves Hati does just that. G-Wolves Hati has the best value I’ve ever seen in a mouse.

I’ll start this review the same way I always do, with the packaging. This is where things start to get interesting! Yeah, I know, this is just the beginning of the review, but you’ll see what I mean.

The G-Wolves Hati is hands down one of the nicest looking mouse that I’ve seen.

The first thing you notice when you pick up the beautiful quality black and white box is the weight. It’s heavy, really heavy when you consider this is a lightweight mouse. The reason for that weight is inside you’ll find an amazing stylish metal tin that you can use to store the mouse or whatever you want. I don’t know about you but I’ve never had a mouse come in a custom tin. In the words of the “AS SEEN ON TV” ads “But wait there is more.”

Look at the amazing amount of value packaged in with the G-Wolves Hati.

Inside the custom tin, you’ll see the Hati mouse which is available in 8, count them, 8 different colors. Remove the black plastic section that secures the mouse and prepare to be amazed. The first thing that jumped out is the extra para corded mouse cable. Yes, you read that right G-Wolves included an extra mouse cable, that’s another first for me. Next, you’ll likely spot a plastic bag with 2 extra gold Omeron dust proof switches. Yep, they included 2 extra switches that can be used for a right or left click if one of the original switches goes south.

I think you’re starting to understand what I meant when I said this mouse redefines what value means… but, you need a little more convincing… Well ok, I gotcha.

The Hati comes with so many extra and replacement parts, it’s amazing value.

You’ll also see an envelope. Inside that envelope, the surprises continue. You’ll find 2… Read that part again, 2 additional sets of replacement PTFE mouse feet. That is 3 total sets of mouse feet. There is also a set of side grips as well as right and left mouse click grip pads. The last item is an optional sticker that covers the holes in the bottom of the mouse.

The most soft and flexible mouse cable that I’ve ever used. The texture scroll wheel feels fantastic as well.

I told you the value of this package was nuts. I’ve never had any product, PC or otherwise, that has packaged this much value into it.

So, we’ve established that on paper in terms of sure value the Hati is a no brainer. The cost of the spare parts alone justifies the asking price, But what about the performance.

The truth is the Hati is amazing.  It is hard to say that a gaming mouse will really make you better but I’ve seen more kills in Call of Duty, Fortnite and Apex Legends since I’ve been testing the Hati. Can I say 100% that it’s the Hati, No I can’t, but I do believe it plays a large part in my positive gains.

Let me give you the specs, the Hati weighs about 62grams which is extremely light and allows for easy fingertip control. Its height is 124mm, its width is 65mm and its depth is 39.5mm which is just about perfect for both palm and finger grips. The sensor has a resolution from 100-12,000 DPI and a USB report rate up to 1000Hz.

Bottom of the Hati has plenty of holes to reduce weight… However they provide a sticker to cover the holes if you choose.

You can make various changes in the Gwolves software which is straight forward and easy to use. Some of the options are DPI change, button remapping, and the USB polling rate.

Basically what that means is the G-wolves Hati checks just about every box that you’d want in a  gaming mouse. Then you add the lightweight and super flexible paracord cable, additional optional grip pads and the Hati checks boxes that you didn’t even know you could. In short, the Hati is the gaming mouse you didn’t know you needed. If your looking for a new mouse give the Hati a shot, if you don’t need a new mouse I think it’s still worth it to give the Hati a shot, it really is that good.

Let’s do a quick comparison to some other mice that you may know. I’ll link to those reviews if you want to read more in-depth on each.

The Hati glides much easier compared to my Corsair m65 Elite and slightly easier than my Logitech G502. The largest difference is the weight, after using the Hati using the M65 feels like I’m pushing a pig across the mouse pad.. The G502 is weight-wise is slightly lighter compared to the M65, but much heavier compared to the Hati. Keep in mind though, the weight isn’t really a bad thing, its a choice. The M65 and G502 both have tune-able weight systems and the G-Wolves Hati weight is fixed at 62 grams.

When it comes to buttons, both the G502 and M65 both have more buttons vs the Hati. Again not that the lack of buttons is a bad thing. If you look at most competitive gamer, the mouse they use is rather basic. It has just enough buttons, it’s normally not heavy, it glides smoothly and has a great optical sensor. This is everything the Hati is, and it feels great in the hand.

I guess the best way to sum it up is this. The G-Wolves Hati is another fantastic choice in the world of lightweight gaming mice while packing a few features that set it apart. If you like color options other than white and black the Hati is probably for you. If you want a mouse that will last you for years to come, the replacement parts should have the Hati working like new years after other mice have failed. The value in the Hati package easily doubles its value compared to other lightweight mice while still maintaining a similar or in some cases cheaper price point.

Click the link below if you’re interested in getting a Hati of your own, we might get a small kick back that will allow us to bringing you reviews like this one.

Check out our reviews of other mice here.


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