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Corsair M65 RGB Elite Review

    It’s not often that I fall in love while just walking down the aisle of an electronic store. However, this time was different, I saw it there just glowing, I had to touch it… The Corsair M65 RGB Elite Gaming Mouse, love at first touch. I didn’t walk out of the store with it though. I went home and it was on my mind, how well the sniper/DPI shift button just fell under my thumb perfectly. I went to my desk, grabbed my trusty Logitec G502 and just proceded to stretch my thumb up towards the sniper button (It was stretch even for my average to large hands. The G502 just didn’t cut it anymore for FPS, but don’t get me wrong the infinity scroll wheel on the G502 just can’t be beaten so it’s sticking around. A few weeks past and the M65 was still on my mind, and it doesn’t help that I work 3 minutes for the largest Bestbuy store in my area, still, I resisted… and then I couldn’t. LOL So now we’re here!

Welcome to the Corsair M65 RGB review

rgb elite


     M65 RGB Elite Tunable FPS Gaming Mouse. This is the full name given by Corsair for the M65 and it makes it very clear that its aimed at (see what I did there) gamers that play First Person Shooter (FPS). As it would happen FPS make up a large part of my gaming library so instantly the mouse attracted me. Let’s dig into it and see why the M65 is now my favorite FPS mouse, and if its really as good in FPS as the name would suggest.

    I think the best way to handle this review is to just go through the name as it states what the mouse really is.

    M65- is the model name and it has been around for a while like the Logitech G502, and like the G502 the M65 has had a few revisions. The overall shape has remained mostly unchanged, so has the number of buttons, however, the sniper button placement has been revised over time.

    RGB- This obviously means it has RGB, which means it has 16.4m color changing RGB lighting. The M65 has 2 zones that can be controlled independently or together as well as dynamically by Corsairs i-Cue software depending on what game is being played and what’s happening in the game at the time.

    Elite- The elite name comes from the “Elite Performance” 18,000 DPI sensor that can be adjusted at 1 DPI resolution steps… That’s just nuts… I’ll just say that my Logitech G502 has one of the best optical sensors on the market but the M65 Elite is just as good or maybe even has it beat. #Truth If you’re looking for a mouse that you can adjust to fit your speed perfectly this it. You can swap through 6 DPI profiles on the fly which are indicated by the L.E.D behind the scroll wheel.


    Tunable- The M65 comes with 3 weights installed under the mouse that can be removed using a coin or screwdriver. This allows you to adjust the mouse’s weight as well as the center of gravity to match your play style. All weights removed the mouse weights in at just 97g.



    FPS gaming-  All of the above features lend themselves to FPS gaming but no feature stands out more for FPS (First Person Shooter) than Sniper/ DPI shift button.  I will say it again the button falls easily under the thumb due to its size and location. It’s a stretch to reach on other mice. See below. Well, what the heck is a Sniper button, when you click it drops the DPI to whatever DPI you have set as the lowest of the 6 profiles that you can set in the i-Cue software. You can run around and look quickly and slow your look speed instantly with the press of the sniper button for more control and accuracy.


    I’ve broken down what the M65 RGB  Elite FPS Tunable Gaming Mouse is but that’s nothing without a build quality that can back it up… And it can. Corsair chose to use Omron switches which are known to be some of the best in the industry and the M65 uses an anodized aluminum frame built to withstand whatever you throw at it. No more grinding the plastic frame when the skates wear out, see what happened to our Logitech G502 here.



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Final Thoughts

    I’ve used a ton of mice in my time, I personally own 4 right now that I can remember, and TLR has 3 around her desk that I can use. So that’s 7 mice in total, and I’m grabbing the M65 Elite more and any other. I have super lightweight mice, I’ve got normal sized mice with gaming sensor, I’ve got mice with 11 programmable buttons, and I’ll say it again I’m still choosing the M65. If I’m playing Apex Legends or League of Legends it’s my go-to and I really don’t see that changing anytime soon. The feel in the hand is great, the skates glide smoothly on my hard and soft mouse pads and the rear under glow from the logo’s RGB is freaking awesome.



    NOTE: Mouse feel is subjective the same way keyboard switches are. You like what you like and my hands aren’t going to be the same as yours. It’s for this reason I recommend that you go into a store and get your hands on it. I will say though I seriously doubt anyone would be upset with this purchase.

    Please use our affiliate link to Amazon if you’re considering scooping one up for yourself. It helps us out and allows us to continue to bring our readers these great reviews. M65 RGB Elite Gaming Mouse


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