Welcome To Meta, A group For Gamers And Content Creator.


    Check out the Meta, Its a group on discord that was founded by gamers/content creators as a place for like-minded positive people to interact and support each other. Well, I’m here to announce Meta now has a podcast. Check it out and read below.

    Metagroup is a community built for anyone that loves video games. While we do have a lot of content creators in the community, we all share a love for gaming. For those content creators in the community, we do spend a lot of time talking about streaming topics such as networking, stream quality, converting followers, etc. There are many different conversations that go on and anyone can find some useful information in the community. We are a MetaFamily. 


    The podcast was formed to bring all of the great topics that we talk about daily into one place that we can easily direct anyone to listen to. The backbone of the podcast is going to be based on the assistance to content creators, but there will be other episodes about gaming in general. Such as E3, game releases, and other gaming topics. The podcast is planned to be weekly, Saturday at 11am CST. We also have plans to bring on different guests to speak with us as well. The first of those being dWolf, a partnered streamer on Facebook Gaming. He has had a unique experience on the platform and we are excited to talk with him more about it to give ideas and an example to those content creators in our community.

Thank you for your interest in the podcast, Meta

Check out the podcast live 11am cst

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