Alexa Microwave One Turkey

microwave 2     Nah, I’m just kidding about microwaving a turkey, but this is the review for the Amazon Home Basics Alexa enabled microwave. Let’s jump into it.

I know that a few of you are thinking why do I need or want a smart microwave,” How hard is it to just press the buttons, you’re already there” etc. I’ll be completely honest I thought this way at first. The reason that we picked up the Amazon Basic Alexa Enabled microwave is that we needed a microwave and the cost of the Alexa enabled microwave was nearly the same price that we’d pay for a microwave of similar size and quality… So why not.

Well is it worth it? YES!!! it is.

Here is why.

     First is the cost. A quick search of 700w microwaves at shows that Amazon is selling the Alexa enabled microwave at the same price $59.99 that Walmart is charging for 700w “dumb” microwaves. So I’m not paying more for a feature that I might not use.

Secondly, talking to Alexa is actually faster than punching in the desired cook time. It really is, here is an example. We have a 6-month-old baby and heating bottles is something that we do multiple times a day. It’s easy to put the bottle in the microwave and instantly turn and walk away while saying Alexa microwave for 20 seconds. It is great when you don’t want to leave him unattended or he’s fussing and you need to get back. Another example that we’ve all done is to heat food walk away and get distracted by a call or tv show etc. I can simply tell Alexa to microwave it again without walking back to the kitchen.

microwave 4

There are a few additional features that I personally don’t use but I can see some value in them. The first is a kitchen timer, it is a cool feature if your Echo is in another room and you need to set a timer.

The last feature that’s probably the coolest and most Amazon of all the features is the ability to reorder popcorn. We haven’t used it because we use an air popper now. However, if I’d have had this microwave a year ago I’d have most definitely used the feature. The way it works is you order popcorn from Amazon, Then you use the Alexa app to so that Amazon can track how many times the popcorn has been made. When the quantity gets low Amazon will then reorder your chosen popcorn and it arrives at your door. No more movie nights without popcorn.

microwave 3


In order to use the Alexa features and voice control, you must have an external Alexa device. It doesn’t really matter if it’s a Firestick or an Echo show, you just need an Alexa device to control the microwave over your wifi connection.

Let me wrap this up. The Amazon basics Alexa enabled microwave is $59.99 and cost what similar non-smart microwaves cost. If you don’t care about the built-in smarts it’s still worth the asking price. If you have a smart home it fits right in and works better than I ever expected. This is one of those products that I didn’t know that I wanted and that it would exceed my expectations as much as it has. If you’re in the market for a new microwave, done hesitate to pick this one up.

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