Samsungs Foldable Phone Gets Possible Price And Release Window

 Yonhap News Agency in South Korea has released an article that states the name of  Samsungs folding phone will be known as the Galaxy F (who didn’t see that coming). Samsung goes on to say that it plans to sell a million foldable device in 2019. The price hasn’t been finalized but the number that’s being tossed around at the high end is $1,770. Lastly, the possible release/ unveil window is set to be around March 2019.

     I have a few thoughts about this news. First, most people aren’t aware but Google had a conference simultaneously with Samsung last week and actually leaked the folding display a few minutes early with the announcement that Android will have native support for folding displays. I gather from the Android conference on the software side that folding support is almost complete or at least ready for the first wave of consumer release. This lines up well with a potential March release.

     I think the price will stop many people from pulling the trigger, I do suspect phone companies will subsidize it as they do now with other phones such as the Note 9 and iPhone X. This will get a few devices in consumer’s hands. I also believe if Samsung can produce the screens that 1 million devices sold is a possibility. I’m expecting to see other devices from other manufacturers such as LG released to compete against the Galaxy F. I don’t know about you but I’m finally excited about mobile phones again.

     Post in the comment section, let us know what you think. Folding phones a gimmick or the future?

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