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Google Fi . Is It Worth It and How Well Does It Work?!

Google Fi
Photo Credit: Google

Today we are looking at Google Fi. Google’s cell phone service. Google Fi offers two plans. A $70 unlimited plan and a flex plan for $20. The unlimited plan gives you unlimited call and text in the US plus some outside of the US. Google Fi also gives you 22GB of data. When I used all of the allotted data the data speed noticeably slowed down. An additional gigs of data can be purchased for $10/GB and the speed is back to normal. Google Fi flex plan gives you unlimited calls and text in the US plus 15GB data. You pay $10/GB for the first 6GB. A total of 15GB is free. Call outside the US with this plan start at 1 cent per minute. After the allotted data (15GB) we used, the data speed will noticeably slow down. This is similar to the unlimited plan. You can pay an additional $10/GB to go back to full speed.

Google Fi Call Quality

Starting with Google Fi call quality. Call quality is ok. Not the best but ok. I mean it works, what more can you ask for. I haven’t had any calls drop during a call but I have had it breakup. I’ve found myself several times asking what was that again, I didn’t hear you. Now for data. It works but it isn’t the fastest. Coming from Verizon, I can say that Verizon is faster when it comes to data and has better call quality when it comes to just talking on the phone. After you have managed to use all of your data, which isn’t easy these days, you get dial up internet speeds. Yes, we are talking about the days when we waited all night for a song to download. Maybe a little extreme but I’ll explain.

Google Fi on WiFi

Normally we are all connected to Wifi. When we are connected to Wifi, we don’t use our cellphone data which is great. Which means that, although we pay for an unlimited plan, we don’t get close to the data cap to have our speed slowed. If I had to guess I’d say the average user doesn’t use more than 5GB of data because of all the areas we visit typically have free Wifi or our own Wifi. This is where the flex plan shines. You don’t pay for data that you don’t use.

Our Thoughts

So, where do I stand with Google Fi? This is 2020 where the whole year has been a mess. I switched to Google Fi because of the price. With so many out of work or working limited hours. I’m always looking for ways to continue living my life style and save where I can so that I can continue to live my life style. It’s no Verizon or AT&T but for simple calls and text, it works. I live in Louisiana that was hit by two Hurricanes. I can still make a call or send a text. I’ve haven’t had internet for 2 month and have been tethering my phone for that. If it wasn’t for that reason, I wouldn’t hit the data cap. Because of this I have hit the data cap and I can tell you, when you get slowed you get the old 56K modem speeds.

I don’t regret switching to Google Fi but I do miss Verizon speeds. My cell phone bill now is between $20 and $80. Which is cheaper than my $125 Verizon bill. This doesn’t sound like much but if you really think about it. 12 months at $125 is $1500. 12 months at $80 is $960. That’s a $540 difference. That is if you use all 6GB. If you only use a total of 4GB a month for 12 month that’s just $720 a year. When compared to my Verizon plan saves me over half. That’s a extra $780 in my pocket per year.


In conclusion, the service works. It gets the job done for a fraction of the price compared to other services. Not the fastest but it still works. Unless you are put in a extreme situation you probably will never hit the data cap to have your speeds reduced. If you have made it to this point I would say look at your bill and see how much data you actually use. Then take a look and see how much that would cost you if you switch to Google Fi. That is if you are looking for a new cell phone carrier.

As of writing this, I am currently using a Pixel 3a XL. I have a Pixel 5 pre ordered from the Google store. I will update this when it comes in since it will be 5G. Will 5G help this service, only time will tell. For now I can say if you are looking to save a few on your monthly bills, it is not a bad option. If you just need to have the fastest service, then this is probably not for you. If want to give Google Fi a try use promo code J2DPTD for $20 off.

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