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Top 10 Tech Gifts for Mom on Amazon

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, so finding Mom a great gift during this Pandemic may be challenging. Don’t fret. We will list the Top 10 Tech Gifts for Mom on Amazon below that will fit any budget while putting a smile on her face.

Top 10 Tech Gifts for Mom on Amazon; TLR Technology
Photo Credit: New Hampshire Magazine Staff

TLR Top 10 Tech Gifts for Mom

*Note: These are not in any special order.

USB Leather Tassel Keychain w/ 2.4 Amp iPhone Lightening ChargeSynce Cable ($9.99)

Top 10 Tech Gifts for Mom | Photo Credit: Amazon.com

A handy gift to buy Mom. she can charge her iPhone on-the-go. What you say…”what if mom doesn’t have an iPhone but has an Android device. Don’t fret. Here’s the Android version. –> USB-C Tassle ($10.99)

Echo Dot 3rd Gen – Smart Speaker and Alarm Clock ($39.99)

Echo Dot (3rd Generation) | Photo Credit: Amazon.com

Mom can listen to the news while sitting in bed or listen to her favorite tunes while doing her favorite tasks at home. This versatile device can play music, answer commands by saying “Alexa, then question?”, be an alarm clock, play games, etc. Mom’s at-home personal assistant. There’s a skill we use for my Grandmother that allows her to call for help. It will call everyone on her emergency list. No wonder the Echo Dot made it on our Top 10 Tech Gifts for Mom.

Tile Pro v. 2020 ( 2 pk. $59.99)

Tile Pro (2020) | Photo Credit: Amazon.com

We have a forever love for this device. TLR (me), loses keys quite often. Was thrilled to receive this as a Christmas gift from a family member. Gift this to Mom and her keys will be easier to find next time. The other nifty thing about this…you don’t have to just use Tile for keys. You can use it to find your phone as well.

Echo Show 8 ($79.99)

Echo Show HD 8 | Photo Credit: Amazon.com

Stay-At-Home order and Social distancing is our reality now. Best way to keep sanity is chatting with our loved ones and friends. You can see Mom or Gma everyday video chatting with the Echo Show. Great way to share life’s moments at home. Chat with Mom or even watch our favorite show on Hulu, Blue Bloods. This is another versatile gift for Mom or G-mom. The Echo show is also available with a 5-inch screen for $49.99.

EWA Portable Bluetooth Speaker ($15.99)

Top 10 Tech Gifts for Mom on Amazon
EWA Portable Bluetooth Speaker | Photo Credit: Amazon.com

Do not let the size fool you. This portable bluetooth speaker is a perfect gift. It’s waterproof and keyword portable. Mom can take it to work, have it playing during a shower, or outside while relaxing in her lounging chair. We also have other bluetooth speakers we’ve tried and liked. –> Anker Soundcore

Apple iPad Mini – Latest Version ($349.99)

Top 10 Tech Gifts for Mom on Amazon
iPad Mini | Photo Credit: Amazon.com

Kindle Paperwhite – Now Waterproof ($119.99)

Kindle e-Reader | Photo Credit: Amazon.com

Mom can have all of her favorite books on the go with the now waterproof Kindle Paperwhite. There are two versions: 8 GB and 32 GB. The price of the 8 GB is $99.99.

Amazon Echo Buds ($129.99)

Echo Buds | Photo Credit: TLR Technology

Does Mom go on a run? Multitask around the house? Well a good set of ear buds would definitely come in handy. I use these Echo buds on-the-go or around the house especially if I am cooking. I always seem to get a call right when I am knee deep in a task and don’t have free hands to hold the phone. As you know not every phone call can go on speaker phone, LOL. We reviewed the Echo Buds here if you’re wanting more insight.

Ring Video Doorbell ($99.99)

Ring Video Doorbell | Amazon.com

A great sense of security with the Ring Video Doorbell. Catch nosy neighbors or creepy creepers with this gift. You can check in on things for Mom as well as Mom can see who’s at the door without being near it. The Ring app that you use also keep you up-to-date on any thefts in your area as well as you can report a theft. My mother-in-law feels much more secure knowing she can see what’s going on without the fear of not knowing.

Amazon Gift Card ($25+)

Top 10 Tech Gifts for Mom
Amazon Gift Card | Photo Credit: Amazon.com

You can always take the easier route with this tech savvy gift. We won’t judge you at all. Sometimes it is hard to decide on a gift and the e-gift card is the best gift you can buy. Mom can decide on her own what she would like to treat herself with.

*Please note there are affiliate links in this article that are no cost to TLR Technology or you the reader. It does allow us to receive a small kickback to keep the website rolling. We are dedicated to bringing you honest reviews and the latest tech news. Thank you in advance for your continued support.

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