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New 13 inch MacBook Pro incoming

Starting today Apple has a new 13 inch MacBook Pro available for purchase. The new 13 inch MackBook Pro gets the newest 10 gen quad core Intel Processors with the much improved integrated Iris graphics. The Razer Blade Stealth 13 we reviewed had the newest 10th gen Intel processor with the integrated graphics. I can attest to the increased graphics performance. Along with the graphical boost comes improved single core performance and increased ram speed up to 3733MHz. The quad core will boost up to 4.5GHz so the new MacBook Pro should be a beast!


Apple also gave the 13 in MacBook Pro the same updated scissor switch keyboard treatment the 16 inch Pro received a few months ago. The result is 1mm of key travel and what Apple says is the best keyboard in MacBook. One thing worth noting is Apple added the physical escape key back and shorten the touch bar. The previous 13 inch MacBook Pro had the escape key on the touch bar, no physical key. Apple also made a few more minor tweaks to the keyboard layout including inverted T shape on the arrow keys. Honestly, I’m not sure if I like the new inverted T arrows keys compared to the previous 2019 models layout. I’d have to try them before I can really pass judgment, but the up and down arrows look smaller than the 2019’s arrow keys.


Lastly the display features Apple Retina technology so you should eye melting color and clarity. The Speakers will likely be some of the best in the laptop market. The T2 security chip is present and still uses touch ID ( still no Face ID). Come on Apple its 2020 and the iPhone and iPads have had it for a few generations already. Sigh…



Same, Same But Different

Overall this looks to be a solid incremental 2020 upgrade to whats already a decent ultrabook as long as your willing to pay the Apple tax.

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