A Throne: Secretlab Omega 2020 Gaming Chair Review

Sitting Down On The Job

This is another one of those product reviews that I’ve been sitting on for a while (literally) and I’m finally getting the time to type the review. I view it as a good thing though. I’ve been using it for a months now and I can give you my impression. Also with people still working from home now is the perfect time to invest in great chair. This is TLR Technology’s SecretLab Omega 2020 gaming chair review.

As always I start with the packaging. The box the SecretLab Omega 2020 gaming chair arrives isn’t really that special. It didn’t have the full-color glossy photos that completely covered the outside of the box like the Respawn Fortnite gaming chair that TLR herself reviewed. You can read that review here. The experience completely changes when you open the box. If you have ever bought a PC or Laptop and had it came packaged well in that black plastic-type foam, then you’ll know how well the Omega 2020 came packaged. It’s really bananas how well they packaged and present all the parts.

Whats In The Box

When you first open the box you are greeted to a thick full-color glossy poster-sized set of instructions. Under the instructions and the first layer of packing foam is the wheel frame. It is powder-coated aluminum that feels like both light and very strong, you can tell that some degree of engineering when into it.  Next, you find the seat cushion and seatback which are sealed in plastic and fitted into the main section of the box.


A reoccurring safety message that appears in more than a few places.

Secretlab mentions it multiple times, and there is even a piece of paper wrapped around the seatback recline handle… Whatever you do, DON’T pull the handle until the seatback has been installed. The metal arm that secures the seat back is spring-loaded and has enough force that it will certainly hurt you if not break a finger if you don’t follow the instructions.

Just WOW!

Now, where was I… Ah, yes. Off to one side of the box is the accessories/hardware box. This is where you will find the seat piston, wheels, and hardware. Again, I want to point out the unboxing experience. Secret labs have custom-fitted all the wheels into separate cutouts, not just thrown into a bag or box.  The same goes for the piston that lifts and lowers the seat. It is just amazing all of the time/care that ultimately results in pristine components and one of the best unboxing experiences that I’ve had in a while.

Some Assembly Required

Let’s talk about assembly, in short, it was a breeze with one exception. You begin by forcefully pushing the wheels into the base. Once the wheels are installed you push the class 4 hydraulic piston into the base. The next step is to install the seat back onto the lower seat cushion.

This is the only problem that I had. This step is completely doable solo but having an extra set of hands will help. I was able to easily line up one side and start the bolts. The other side is a task as the weight of the seat back causes it to lean making it had to line up. An extra set of hands holding it even would have made my assembly much easier. Despite the minor hiccup, the complete assembly took less than 30 minutes.

After the seatback is installed. You screw on the what is Secret Lab calls the 4D armrest. Once that step is complete you set the assembled upper seat section onto the previously completed rolling base and you my friends are done.

Photo:, I love the grey, teal and black color scheme.

Sit Back And Relax

I chose the SecretLab Omega 2020 gaming chair in the new Softweave material over the PU leather. I live in a hot humid environment and the Softweave won’t get as hot or sicky when compared to PU leather. The downside of the soft goodness is this thing is a magnet for pet hair, and when you have a pet wolf… or rather half-wolf you have to stay on top of the hair removal. Another positive of the Softweave is that you won’t have to worry about it peeling like leather over time. Overall I’m happy with my choice of material and the grey, black and teal color scheme is just plain sexy.

Photo: Rear view of the beautiful Softweave color scheme

Now to the important part how does it feel? Like I said earlier this has been the only chair that I’ve used the last month in our office. I’ve spent countless hours writing reviews, playing games, listening to music and yes, I’ve even dozed off a few times in it.

The foam used by Secret Lab is what is called cold cured. It’s a technique where the foam is injected into a mold in liquid form. It is then allowed to expand, harden and cool from the chemical reaction that happens in the foam mix. Next, the foam cushions are removed from the molds and there you have it. A cushion that is both firm and comfortable, a cushion that is more durable than any cushion cut from a block upholstery foam.

Photo: Both cushion are comfortable and memory foam. The neck pillow has a layer of cooling gel.

Did Someone Say Memory Foam

When it comes to the lumbar and head support Secret Lab supplies 2 pillows. The lumbar pillow is made of memory foam and its shape feels comfortable when it’s in place. Take notice when it’s in place because if you lean forward or get up the pillow will move where you’ve placed it. I’ll say having to readjust it is a minor inconvenience compared to the poor feel of nearly every other lumbar support pillow that ships with many other gaming chairs. The neck/ head pillow is again memory foam but it has a cooling gel pad on the outside. Unlike the lumbar pillow, the neck/head pillow has an adjustable elastic band that keeps it firmly in place. This keeps the neck pillow comfortable for hours in my experience.

The armrest are made of a durable high-quality foam/rubber type material. I was expecting them to hurt my elbows similar to hard plastic but that wasn’t the case. I think that was me judging by looking at the photos online before the chair arrived. While I love the feel of the armrest the best part has to be the 4-way adjustability. YES!, I said 4-way adjustability and the 2020 series has upgraded the internal mechanism to be metal.

Photo: You can easily see the 4D arm rest and the rocking mechanism.

What? 4D Armrest

So I guess you’re wondering what are the 4 ways they adjust. Don’t fret I’m getting to it now, calm down. The first way up and down, it is controlled by a lever on the outside of the armrest. The second direction is front to back, this is controlled by a button on the armrest near the front. This same button unlocks the armrest and allows the front to pivot outward, straight or inward. The last and 4 direction is controlled by a button located on the armrest toward your body. This button allows the armrest pad to slight a few inches outward or inward. It might seem like overkill but once you use the 4-way adjustment you’ll have a had time going back to fixed armrest.

Photo: The automotive style recline handle.

Lastly the adjustment you have been waiting for, tilt. The seat cushion has 2 paddle levers one mounted on either side and the seat back has recline handle similar to a car. Briefly explaining the handle on the right, it simply lowers the class 4 hydraulic( chair) up or down. The handle on the left lock and unlocks the rocking mechanism. Unlocked you can rock the chair a few degrees, and then use the lock to hold the seat cushion at that angle. The last handle tilts the seat back similar to an automobile seat. When used with the rocking mechanism its possible to lay nearly flat. It’s a comfortable place to catch some Zzzzzz’s if needed.

Photo: The reclined seat back along with the rocking mechanism allows the seat to lay back further than pictured. Very nice play to just lay back and relax

Final Thoughts

Overall I’d call the SecretLab Omega 2020 gaming chair a hit. It delivers in every aspect that I’d expect from a premium chair. The materials are top-notch, the design is beautiful and the ergonomics tops in the industry. If all that I’ve mentioned isn’t enough Secret Lab provides a 3-year warranty out of the box and you can extend the warranty another 2 just by posting a pic of your chair and tagging Secret Lab. So that is an industry-leading 5-year warranty, if that’s not standing behind your product I don’t know what is.

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