Raven-Xi Fortnite Gaming Chair

Fornite Gaming Chair; TLR Technology
Raven-Xi Fornite Gaming Chair | photo credit:

The best gaming chair is not the ordinary office chair. You know the chair purchased from Walmart or Office depot. Yes that one. Today we are going to talk about an upgrade to that chair. The Raven-Xi Fortnite Gaming Chair by Respawn.

Previous Chair

I was using the Ergonomic Office chair with lumbar support purchased from Amazon. Not sure what it looks like, check it out here.

Office chair from Amazon.
Ergonomic Office Chair | photo credit:

You see I too had the ordinary office chair. This chair was not a very comfortable. As a result, I then decided to upgrade to the Raven-Xi Fornite Gaming Chair.

Fornite Gaming Chair Specs

  • Extendable footrest
  • Padded, stationary armrests
  • High back gaming chair with integrated headrest
  • 155-degree tilt with tilt tension adjustment and infinite locking positions
  • Gaming chair is covered in stain resistant material
  • Full 360-degrees of swivel
  • Chair weight capacity is 275 lb

***Specs are from Respawn’s website.


The Raven-Xi is very comfortable. I’ve fallen asleep in it a total of 6 times. Yes, I just admitted to falling asleep in this chair. Would the Raven-Xi be a chair that I recommend? Yes, and here’s why. You can adjust this chair to tilt back as far as 155-degrees. This feature makes it more comfortable to game without having to sit straight up. There is a foot rest. I use this a lot. After 20-30 minutes sitting down in the regular office chair my feet start to swell. This is with the chair adjusted at the correct height. I do not have this issue any more that I own the Raven-Xi Fortnite Gaming Chair.

The material helps with cleaning up. Should anything fall on the chair I can just wipe it off. One downfall if you wear shorts (or decide to sit at your desk in your underwear) skin will stick to the chair. The arm and headrests come in handy as well. It’s reasonable in price as I’ve seen chairs cost $350+. It’s currently sold at $202.49 on Amazon.

I’d say add this to your gaming accessories and setup.


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