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TLR Technology: End of year review

Before we start our End of Year review, we would like to thank all of our readers for making TLR Technology possible. We have had special requests, we’ve pondered ourselves, and all were successful articles because of you. Thank you!

Can you believe it is almost 2020 already? 2019 was just starting as though we thought. What were your best memories for 2019? Ours is hearing the little one (10 month old at the time) say “Googa” trying to say Google to get the smart-home device to play Baby Shark. Well he is 19 months and says “Hey, Google” very clear as well as speak commands. Surprisingly Siri understood him clearly before Google did. LOL.

End of Year Review: Technology

Speaking of smart-home devices our top article of 2019 was the Google Home Hub. We are still using our hub and are looking to upgrade to the latest Nest Hub. Reviewing is coming in 2020. Wouldn’t it be great to have an honest comparison available to you.

Google Home Hub; TLR Technology
Google Home Hub | photo credit: TLR Technology

Honesty is key here. We want you to know the good, bad, and the ugly. I mean our ugliest post was about the Sennheiser HD 4.40 BT. This is the reason our editor Jules speaks of purchasing audio electronics from somewhere you can return them. You know in case they sound not so great or even terrible. Return them without having to keep them. No need for extra paper weight, LOL.

We also enjoyed gaming with our new love for customizable mechanical keyboards. You all are still coming back to that article on the GMMK, Anne Pro 2, and GK61. Winner winner chicken dinner we liked to say. We’re looking into reviewing gaming mouse for 2020. What would you like to read or see a review about?

GK61 mechanical keyboard
GK61 Mechanical Keyboard | photo credit: TLR Technology

You can say lately we’ve been heavily reviewing headphones and earphones. The best we’ve heard are the Focal Listen, HiFi-Man HE4XX, and Amazon Echo Buds. What really pushes them are the AMPs such as the Geshelli Archel 2 Pro, Schiit Magni, and S.M.S.L SP200. What an audiophile success?!

schiit; TLR Technology
A Schiit stack | photo credit: TLR Technology

To Sum it Up!

We look forward to sharing the content we have in store for 2020 and bringing you more honest-unbiased reviews. Let’s cheer to a fun and amazing year 2020. See you in the next article.

TLR, Founder of TLR Technology

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