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Amazon Music HD: Finally Someone Gets It

Amazon Music HD
Just a few of the pre made FLAC playlist

Amazon Music HD launched this week and if you’re like me, you signed up immediately. I also have Spotify and I’ve had it since the US beta, before the public release. I also have Apple music because its free with my mobile plain from Verizon… and still I decided to pay for another service, but why. Let me explain.

What I like about Spotify is its integration into everything like my game consoles, smart devices, its integrated into just about anything that plays music. I stream in extreme quality only on everything and while it is good its not loss less audio (Ultra HD).

Apple music is Apple music, its been around for a long time. It is what it is. Again its not loss less, its more locked down vs Spotify and it rubbed me the wrong way years ago in the Ipod days. As I said I get it free other wise I wouldn’t look twice at it.

Amazon music HD is something different though. I’ve had Amazon Prime since day one, we have Echo devices across the house and Echo auto’s in each car. However, we still used Spotify, never ever Amazon music. Well this week that has changed.

Clicking the ULtra HD, or HD logo gives you details of the audio quality


Amazon Music competes with Spotify and the only one up I’d give Spotify over Amazon music is its integration every where. Amazon Music HD, however competes with services like Tidal. Spotify doesn’t offer a loss less service so honestly they’re not in this conversation.

Now that we know what services to compare I’ll make this discussion really simple. Tidal is a awesome service in the small time that I used it to listen to the Master versions of albums and I was impressed. What I found is there really isn’t all ton of Master quality albums that appeal to me. They did sound amazing, but the quantity just was’t there. Then you look at the month fee of Tidal’s top tier plan which is $19.99 monthly and its not as integrated or easy to stream on smart devices.

Why Amazon HD

Amazon Music HD on the other hand is easy to stream a ton of smart devices. It has FLAC loss less music as long as it says ultra HD and plays in extreme quality if it says HD next to the title of the song. Amazon is $12.99 monthly which is $7 cheaper than Tidal. A saving of $84 yearly when compared to Tidal.

Wrapping it up, Amazon has most if not all the same albums as Spotify. It is $84 cheaper per year compared to its closes competitor Tidal. Amazon music can be stream almost everywhere. It really is the perfect middle ground. In my opinion the music streaming game has just been change, Spotify and Tidal need to take notes. Try it out for yourself using our link below. Make sure to sign up for the HD add on if you want access to the FLAC Loss Less music

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