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Apple Arcade Review: Is it Any Good

TLR Technology was lucky enough to get an early preview of Apples new arcade service. Here are some of our initial thoughts, check out the video below to see Apple Arcade in action. I played on a 2018 11in iPad pro using the Xbox one Bluetooth controller.

I’ll attempt to keep this brief. Apple Arcade is a collection of games that Apple has gather or invested in. Some are small studios but they have few big noteworthy names such as Capcom and Konami. At the time of this review there are 59 games in the Arcade. Apple has said they will have 100 games at Arcades full launch, likely in October. If you have an iPad, iPhone, or Apple TV you be able to access the Arcade in the coming days. Unfortunately if you’re on a Mac you’ll be waiting for Catalina’s release probably in October.

Games in the Arcade cover most genre from racing to action RPG. There is something here for everyone in the family. It should go without saying that all the games in the Arcade are very polished. Most games are easily worth $5, some larger 3d games like Oceanhorn 2 could and do sell for around $19. Answering the question if Apple Arcade is worth the $4.99 a month asking price, a resounding YES!

The best parts of the Arcade in my opinion are the quality games. The $4.99 price which covers a family and the first month is free. The next thing I love is there are absolutely NO micro transactions. No coins, gems, loot boxes or any other crap to buy, because those cash grabs ruin so many mobile games. Apple has a winner on its hands. I am curious to see what Google does to compete because you know its almost certainly coming.

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