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State Farm Drive Safe and Save Device: Is It Worth It And Does it Save You Money?

Today everyone is looking to save a few dollars. It maybe cutting cords or cooking a few days a week. Insurance isn’t any different, everyone wants to save. So, lets dive into State Farm Drive Safe and Save device and App.

The Drive Safe and Save App

State Farm Drive Safe
Photo by State Farm

StateFarm Drive Safe and Save app is easy to install and setup. Setup took 3 minutes tops. You also get a discount just for signing up, about 5%. Once installed you link your StateFarm account. This app has it’s own login that requires a password to login, you can also use your fingerprint after you set the initial password. This is important and we will get to this in a second. Now just use the app to connect to the Drive Safe and Save devise via Bluetooth.

The Drive Safe Device

Taken from StateFarm

This device is small and doesn’t take up too much room. It is recommended that you place in on your windshield behind you rear view mirror. This device is also where the fun starts. It took somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 tries before it actually connected but it hasn’t lost connection since it finally connected. It’s been there for months and still going strong. The device uses a accelerator to track how fast you accelerate and how hard you break. It uses your phone GPS to track speed and distance traveled. This has one major downfall and that is if you use your phone you get dinged. I did find a work around however.

The Work Around

I stream music from my phone to my auto. I can use the radio controls to skip songs or go back to the previous song. It doesn’t allow me to change playlist though. So, I used Google Pixel buds to solve this and to a few more useful things. With just one finger I can just tell my phone to play whatever I want all without have to unlock my phone. This also means the app doesn’t detect the phone as being in use while driving, so no dings there. It also allows me to reply to text without have to pick up the phone, which you shouldn’t be doing while driving anyway. Bluetooth allows you to have full control over everything and leaves your phone off. I highly recommend this if you are using this app or another app like this one.

The Savings

StateFarm clams up to 30% savings. I have a good driving record and with that being said, State Farm clams about a 5% savings just for signing up the this service. My insurance started at $203 and I saved $34 just for signing up. That’s a savings of 16.7%, not a bad start. After a few months of using this program and it recording data my discount went up to $59. That’s a saving of 29%. I did maintain as score of 99% give or take 1% the entire time though. I guess it paid off.

Worth It Or Not

This is a hard one to just give you a straight answer. The answer is yes and no at the same time. Yes it did exactly what State Farm Claimed and saved me 29% on my insurance but remember when I said I’ll get back to the app in a second. Here is what can make this a deal breaker for some. It not only track speed and distance using your phone GPS. It also maps your entire trip on a map. So, every time you get into your auto it maps exactly where you go. Although it’s not highly detailed it’s close enough. This information is stored in the trips part of the app and it stores them all. That’s where the fingerprint or password keeps anyone that my pick up your phone from viewing this information. So, if you don’t want anyone to know where you went you better have your blue tooth off.

Trip View

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