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Apple Announces 3 New iPhone 11 Models

iPhone 11:

As we expected Apple would be announcing its new iPhone models today. The first is the base model iPhone 11 that uses the A12 Bionic, the processor that was previously in the flagship XR and XS models. The camera have been updated which isn’t a surprise as the camera are a major selling point for smartphones now. What I didn’t expect was the price of $699, sure it is more than Googles line of Pixel a smartphones but it’s a fantastic price for people on a budget that have to own an 11 iPhone.

iPhone 11 front:

The next and most exciting model of the iPhone 11 is the new pro model that definitely earns its pro badge. This is in part to the new A13 Bionic processor. Apples A12 Bionic chip was already crazy fast and fully capable of editing multiple 4k streams on the iPhone Xs and XR. Now the A13 will do that and more better than ever before. The new A13 is the most powerful processor and GPU ever in a mobile phone.

The Cameras

I have to talk about the 3 camera array that is installed on the rear of the iPhone 11 Pro. Sure it might look a little bit awkward at first glance but what Apple has done is turn the mobile phone camera knob up past 10 to 11… see what I did there. This is some next level photography and video. It has a 13mm focal length ultra wide angle, a 26mm wide angle, and 52mm telephoto cameras. The 26 mm and the 52mm features optical stabilization along with a slew of other features that make the iPhone 11 pro a photographer dream phone. Along with the 3 camera array on the rear the front facing (selfie) camera also received some love including a new slow motion selfie shooting mode.

iPhone 11 Pro:

Apple then went on to show us what could be done with using the cameras with the help of Filmic. (Mic drop moment) The iPhone 11 pro can capture video from all the cameras at once. This allows for multiple views while filming from the same location. You can select which cameras that you want to film from including the selfie camera for interviews or reaction style shots. It is very close to having a recording studio in your pocket.

Jumping back to the A13 Bionic processor its easy to see why the iPhone 11 Pro needed this much horse power. It has one of the most fleshed out video editing apps to ever be included with a phone and it needs that power to process multiple video streams. More amazing than the power is that Apple has managed to make the A13 more efficient that the A12 which means the iPhone 11 pro gets 4 hours more per charge and the 11 Max gets 5 hours more compared to last years models. If you are new to world of Apple, iPhone are typically the undisputed kings of battery life, and well…. that life just became a whole lot longer.

iPhone 11 Pro:

Check out all the details out for yourselves here. iPhone 11 pro and iPhone 11.

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