Audio Technica ATHAD700X Review : Worth it or Not

If you have never tried open back headphones then you owe it to yourself to try them out. With that being said lets get into the Audio Technica ATHAD700X review. These headphones came really well packaged. The Audio Technica ATHAD700X are constructed out of mostly plastic but the quality is good, and they don’t feel cheap. They are really light weight and the clamping force isn’t over bearing. I have no issues with keeping them on for hours. The ATHAD700X ear cups don’t rotate 90 degrees but they do have a joint that allows them to adjust to your head so the clamping force is distributed evenly. The wing design is good. You won’t even feel them on your head after a few minutes.

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Now lets talk about the sound quality. The sound produced by the headphones is nothing short of amazing. You get crystal clear clarity and the bass is good. Not over bearing. The ATHAD700X are good out of the box but if you really want to wake them up, use a amp and DAC (digital analogue converter).


As with any product there are pros and cons. So, lets get the cons out of the way first. It’s 2019 and these headphones don’t have a detachable cable. This is probably the biggest con of them all. The second is again, the cable. This cable is easyily 8 to 10 feet long. Next, we have the cable again. Their way to deal with cords tangling is making the cable like elastic. You can stretch it out all you way but it finds a way to coil itself back up. The open back design means sound leaks out. Everyone around you will hear what you are listening to and at the same time you can hear everything going on in the room with you. This means they don’t isolate noise like noise canceling headphones and that leads to less bass.

Audio Technica ATHAD700X
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Even with that there are more pros then cons. One the sound quality is amazing. They are really light weight. The clamping force isn’t overbearing which makes them easy to wear for extended amounts of time. The open back design allows for air flow so, your ears and head doesn’t tend to get hot. No sweaty headphones or ear cans. The wing design holds them nicely but doesn’t apply enough pressure that could lead to a sore spot on your head. Sound stage is great. You can pick these up for about $100 off Amazon.

“I could hear everything before I saw it in game.”

I tested the ATH-AD700X headphones with various types of media. Playing games with these is amazing. You can hear everything. Every step, every heal and every time someone was shielding up in Apex Legends. This is where the ATH-AD700X truly shined. The bass was good but it didn’t drown out the other sounds when things were exploding around me. When listing to music they sounded really good despite not being bass heavy. Highs and mids were on point. Watching movies, with a AMP and DAC, explosion lacked a little but the movie seems to come alive. The sound staging gives the illusion that things in the movie are in the room around you. Let’s not even get into the horror movies. You might start looking over your shoulder to make sure it’s not there.

Final Thoughts

Over all these headphones are worth every dollar I spent on them. The ATH-AD700X sound amazing for everything I do. The sound and light weight design of the ATH-AD700X make it easy to over look the cons. If they broke today I wouldn’t have any issues with purchasing another pair. They have become a must for my gaming setup. I would recommend these to anyone that games, listen to music or watch movies on there computer.

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