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Glorious Gaming Model O Gaming Mouse Review

This mouse didn't disappoint me in any way

     “This mouse didn’t disappoint me in any way.”

model O 2

Photo: TLR Technology

    Today we are taking a look at the model O mouse from Glorious PC Gaming Race. This mouse retails for $49.99. It is very customizable, you really have the ability to customize this mouse in every way imaginable. You can change the LEDs, the lift distance, how fast it registers for double clicks, polling rate, the buttons on the mouse itself and you can even adjust the x and y independently. This mouse feels great in the hand, it’s well built and not cheap. You can also set different profiles with the downloadable software. One of the biggest pros of this mouse is the fact that the profiles are saved to the mouse itself. If you take your mouse with you you don’t have to worry about downloading any software. This mouse is very responsive every step of the way. I’ve played everything from Apex to StarCraft II. Let’s me tell you this mouse didn’t disappoint me in any way. It’s lightweight and breathable thanks to the holes throughout the mouse.

Get your own Model O here

    If you like what we do, and want us to bring you more content reach out to Glorious PC here and let them know that you like what we do and want us to review more of there products. Contact Glorious 

mOdel o

Photo: TLR Technology


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