Keyboard Sleeve: Protecting Your Investment

    I know a lot of our readers have been reading our reviews and ordering keyboards using our links, so I want to say thank you.

    We at TLR Technology have been swamped with keyboards lately and that’s not a bad problem to have if you’re a keyboard junky like myself. A question that I’ve been getting asked more than I thought is what do I do with all the keyboards. How do I store them, How do travel with them? Well, this is the pretty inexpensive answer. Keyboard sleeves! We personally use 2 different types.

    The first type is a soft sleeve by Vortexgear. It’s the Pok3r Cypher Race 3 Travel. It’s available in 15, YES! 15 different colors. Its made from a soft flannel/cotton blend that is easy on the keyboard and those oh so awesome keycaps. This keyboard sleeve comes in various sizes from 40% all the way to Tenkeyless,  it has a pocket on the side that’s perfect for storing the USB cable and keycap pullers. The Pok3r Cypher Race 3 Travel is my personal goto case for storage and travel, as a bonus, I’ve found most of the keyboards will fit the sleeve even with their dust covers installed.



    The second sleeve that we use is the Enhance Keyboard Travel Sleeve. This sleeve has more padding when compared to the Pok3r Cypher Race 3 Travel but it also has more bulk. Don’t let that scare you away though the reason for the extra bulk is the Enhance Keyboard Travel Sleeve has room to store a mouse as well as mesh area to store USB cables etc. The only problem for me is the lack of options, you can have it in any color that you want as long as it is black, and it only comes in 3 sizes. We use the 10 keyless version. So far it is holding up well but Enhance offers a 3-year warranty, how’s that for peace of mind. If you own a TKL this is the sleeve to get! (A peek behind the curtain, the keyboard pictured with the Enhance sleeve is the Durgod Taurus K320 TKL that’s currently being reviewed. )




    Now you guys and girls know how I protect the keyboards in the office. The last thing that I’ll mention is due to the number of keyboards that we have I store them in the sleeves inside a low profile rubber maid style bin that can be purchased from most Walmart/ Target stores. This helps me keep them organized out the way and they stay extra clean. I realize that most people won’t need a bin to store keyboards, but hey, full disclosure. As always using our links helps us out and allows us to continue to make content. Also, keep the questions coming,

Pok3r Cypher Race 3 Travel

Enhance Keyboard Travel Sleeve

Durgod Taurus K320 TKL


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