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Spotify Family and Hulu SURPRISE ! FAIL!!

Spotify Family and Hulu subscription. Fail at surprise!

    Hi, Guys and Girls were back after a nice but needed break. The reason is we had a baby… Thanks… ( I know you were thinking Awwwww) Well he makes 1 in a few days and I now feel I have time to put more effort into TLR.

    Unfortunately, I’m coming back on a bit of aggravating ting news.. Well really aggravating news. As some of the readers are aware I’ve been a member of Spotify from the very beginning. I’m talking private beta, and I’ve been a paying premium member since they began charging the beta members. I’ve sung its praises from the rooftops, but today that all changed.

      “I get no support from the support which is accessed thru Twitter at @spotifycares <<< The Irony”

Read below for a screenshot of the cookie cutter customer service answer that was given to one of the oldest members of its service. I’ll give you a quick recap though. I’ve always had Spotify, and we signed up for the .99 special offer from Hulu with limited ads.  That’s a fantastic price for what would be 7.99-9.99 a month. We’ll Spotify kept spamming me to add Hulu for free, I know.99 isn’t much but I was like whatever OK SPOTIFY… I’ll link the services and get Hulu for free… So I did. Instantly I realized that the version Spotify was not the version of the limited ad but the bottom their Hulu plan.. ( Ugh Facepalm) we’ll it was done, Hulu couldn’t swap us back to the .99 pricing, so I guess we’ll just deal with the ads. Well, being the tech family that we are we gave a 2018 iPad to our 8-year-old. TLR has the 2019 Ipad Mini and I still have the 2018 Pro from the review. TLR was paying for Apple Music, I HAVE Spotify (this is likely to change after the way they treated me) and the kid had free Tidal thru sprint but his Ipad is on Verizon so that went away..


   Famous last words. I sign up for family plan.. Minutes later I hear hey, why does it say we don’t have a Hulu account ????

>> Insert confused emoji here<<<

WELL, Spotify doesn’t make it known that if you swap to the family plan that cost more money that you no longer get Hulu… AT ALL…

So not only did I cancel at the crazy low rate, get the version with ads, no I have nothing… And then I get no support from the support which is accessed thru Twitter at @spotifycares <<< The Irony

Anyway, guys and girls, this is a heads up with how Spotify chooses to deal with customers that have been there since day one. You’ve been warned, I’ll likely be swapping to a service that has better customer service.



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