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CES 2019: Bell Nexus, Is Uber Cool


bell nexus

Photo: Bellflight.com

     The one thing that really caught my eye at CES 2019 was the Bell Nexus. If you’re not familiar with Bell they are a huge name in the helicopter business. Chances are if you’ve ever looked at a helicopter flying overhead that it’s probably produced by Bell. The Nexus is their newest flying prototype with a partnership with Uber… Yes!! I said Uber.

“Bell plans to be flight testing in 2023 and starting commercial flight soon after.”

The Nexus has been designed to be the flying Uber of the future. In the beginning, Uber and Bell plan to have a pilot on board, similar to the safety drivers that sit in the driver’s seat of the fully autonomous Ubers that are currently being tested on the road as I type this. The Nexus, however, has been built with the intention to be fully autonomous (No pilot needed). Yes, this is your first look at the future, this is the first flying Uber.



Photo: Bellflight.com

The Nexus uses a hybrid electric powertrain and has seating for 4 passengers and the pilot. It can take off vertically so there is no need for a runway and only needs an area of about 40  feet by 40 feet for taking off and landing. At the time of CES 2019 Bell plans to be flight testing in 2023 and starting commercial flight soon after. Keep an eye out the future is coming with the help of Bell and Uber.


Photo: Bellflight.com



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