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CES 2019: Crazy BreadBot

Welcome to CES 2019 and it’s kicking off as usual with some awesome zany products and concepts. This year one of the most talked about products on day one is a bread baking robot called BreadBot.

I’ll be honest I’d completely buy a loaf of bread from BreadBot, in fact I’m upset that the newest fancy grocery store by me doesn’t have one now that I know that it exists. I digress, So you’re wondering whats so great about a bread baking robot… Well a lot actually. Let me explain.


I’ll start with a very brief lesson bread. Bread is and will continue to be a food staple in households around the world. What has happened is the way that bread is processed and made to mass distribution. A side effect is ultimately a less healthy product due to the need to preserve the product and also the quality of the ingredients used. This is where BreadBot comes in.

BreadBot is capable of baking 10 loaves of fresh white, wheat, whole wheat, nine grain, sourdough, or honey oat bread per hour. The robot mixes, forms, proofs, bakes, and then cools the bread, again at a rate of 10 loaves in an hour. This approach removes the need to add unnecessary preservatives as the bread doesn’t need to live on the shelf for days or even weeks. This method also reduces waste product from unsold loaves.



BreadBot not only reduces waste product but it also another trick up its ECO-friendly sleeve. BreadBot reduces the need to have racks of bread delivered. Fewer deliveries, require fewer bread delivery trucks on the street, reducing transportation cost, which ultimately could mean a better tasting, healthier, and cheaper loaf.

One last thing, BreadBot is completely transparent. If you so chose you could technically stand and watch the complete process of your loaf being made, proofed, baked, then cooled.. That’s pretty sweet to me. This is definitely one of the products from CES that I’ll be looking forward to seeing soon, hopefully!

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