Best Buy Early Black Friday Deal

     Best Buy has already started its Black Friday deals and we’ll have an article about the others but I just had to drop this deal for all the readers of TLR Technology.


     I grabbed a few of these today as gifts.  The Insignia Voice Smart Bluetooth Speaker normally cost $99 and starting today now only cost $24… you read that right $75 off. My receipt today said I saved $150 on my purchase of 2. I’ll likely go back and grab a few more tomorrow. This is a steal of a deal. If it was only an alarm clock that displayed the weather it would be worth $24 but add in a Bluetooth speaker and the Google Assistant and its a no-brainer Christmas gift.

     If you want something more portable the exact same speaker with a built-in battery rated at 5 hours of play normally cost $149 and is now only $29 that’s $120 off… That is NUTS…

So get them before they are gone, buy online and pick up in the store.

     Hey, want to say thanks with some of that savings, drop us a cup of coffee or energy drink, we really love our caffeine.


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