New iPad Pro = Fail

Ok, before a lot of you start grabbing your torches and pitchforks hear me out. I watched the complete Apple Event Live, the entire event including the concert at the end and I came away, excited. I hadn’t been that excited for an Apple product since iPods (I owned about 8 different iPods, Don’t judge).

The device that excited me the most was the iPad Pro. I listened as they touted how beastly the Processor and Graphics processors are. I love the display, the thin bezel, the face unlock and the things to love just kept on coming…

They stated how it was faster than most laptops, and it is in fact very fast. According to Geekbench benchmarks, the new iPad Pro falls between the 13 and 15 in MacBook Pro. That by itself is nothing short of amazing, then Apple stated the GPU was as strong as an Xbox One S… SAY WHAT! Then I realized just how limited and lock down the iPads are.

I immediately started to think of a reason to buy one. I realized that first I really don’t need one, but I have been wanting to get an actual tablet for couch web surfing. The Pixelbook is a 2 in 1 but I’m not a big fan of holding it in tablet mode. I was seriously considering buying a personal Apple device for the first time in probably 6 plus years.

Then my heart was broken!

I forgot how much Apple locks down and neuters their devices. If I got it, I’d carry it instead of my Pixelbook sometimes. Who knows maybe it was possible to kick the Pixelbook out of my bag. The Verge noted that you cannot connect external storage devices to the iPad… How in 2018 is this not possible, I’ve been able to connect storage to my Android phone for years now. I mean, I’ve literally connected a 1TB portable hard drive to my phone and had no problem. If you’re telling us how much better this is versus a PC and I can’t add a storage device… FAIL 

The pricing is another huge fail the price jumps exponentially with storage space. If I did want to play some of these beautiful games Apple showed it would likely take more than a quarter of the storage of the 64GB of the base model, maybe even more. Then add apps Photo’s etc. It becomes easy to see that the 64GB really won’t work comfortably for most people. Even if you think that it will, I’m telling you don’t get it, unless you want to play the what can I delete game. If you were a very casual Tablet user that surfs the web, watches Youtube and checks email, save the money and get a non-Pro model if you really feel that you want an Apple product. I’ll tell you that if you’re a casual user, Amazons Fire tablets are all you really need for a 5th of the price. Back to the point through the next price point would be $1,149… $150 more! then you add the type case, the new pencil as the older Apple pencil won’t work. At that price point, of course, I have a world of options. I could get the new Google Pixel Slate with the same 8th gen i5, 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage for the same price as the base model 12.9 inch iPad pro.

The final nail in the coffin is the lack of a full browser. This was brought to my attention by 9to5 mac that the iPad lacks a full browser. Even for huge Mac fans, the mobile version of safari was where they drew the line. In fact, in an interview with This Week In Tech on the TWIT network, one of the 9 to 5 Mac contributors said that if he needed a tablet experience that he would get the Google Pixel Slate. I found this very telling considering during the same conversation with This Week In Tech that he said that he planned on ordering at least 50 of the new MacBook Air for the school he manages.

It’s these reasons that my dream of becoming an iPad pro owner was shattered. Once I let go of the thought of buying a new iPad I realized something. I could buy the Pixel slate (the cheaper version) for $799, use it as a tablet, connect it to other displays same as the iPad and with Google Project Stream that we reviewed here, I wouldn’t need an Xbox One S level GPU or eat up storage to game on the go. The Pixel Slate has the full web browser and it has file support for external storage, I the tablet experience that I was hoping the iPad Pro would have was announced a month ago by Google…

Go figure.

Pixel Slate

Pixel Slate5

(Photo: Google.com)

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