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The OnePlus 6T Has Arrived

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(Photo: Phone Arena)

“OnePlus has another hit on its hands with the 6T, in fact, I think we are looking at OnePlus most successful release to date.”

     Today was the OnePlus 6T release event, and release it they did. The OnePlus 6T is going to be making a big splash in the sea of flagship phones for 2018/2019. The 6T is the first phone from OnePlus that will work on the Verizon network. It’s the first phone from OnePlus will be sold by a carrier in the US (T-Mobile), it still going to be sold online unlocked as it has been in the past. WAIT! there are still more first, The 6T will be the first phone sold in the United States that has a fingerprint reader under the screen. That’s right the first phone to release with a fingerprint reader under the screen in the US wasn’t Apple, Samsung, or Google… It was OnePlus, a company known for building flagship phone at mid-level prices.

    So is the OnePlus 6T worth it… Well, the T models from OnePlus are similar to the S models from Apple. T models are typically released in the later part of the year, so it’s a safe bet to assume that we’ll see a OnePlus 7 late first quarter/ 2nd quarter of 2019. However, to answer the question, should you buy a 6T well, yes, probably. If you’re on T-Mobile it is probably the phone to buy, if you’re in the market for a flagship phone with features that no other phone has (under screen fingerprint reader) it’s probably the phone to buy. If you want a flagship phone for around $550 it’s the only phone to buy!

     Now to the few cons. There is no wireless charging. I know some people love it, some don’t care, and some don’t realize that it even exists. If you have to have it the 6T isn’t the phone for you. OnePlus does still include there lightning fast charger in the box.

     The next Con is there is NO headphone jack (SHOCKED FACE)… not really, most phones don’t come with the 3.5mm headphone jack, but they do include a dongle to connect wired headphones if you choose to…(apple doesn’t even include the dongle anymore).

     Maybe the largest con is that the 6T isn’t nearly as waterproof as some other flagships phones. Again this probably isn’t a factor for most people, but it was worth mentioning.

     Other improvements are the display is now larger at 6.4 inches, the battery is larger, the notch is smaller but a side effect is it removes the notification LED.

     I suppose it’s worth noting that the camera is fantastic, but I think we’ve all come to expect that to be the norm on all flagships in 2018.

     By all accounts so far OnePlus has another hit on its hands with the 6T, in fact, I think we are looking at OnePlus most successful release to date.

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