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The Media Machine: RED Hydrogen One

RED Hydrogen One using nanotechnology to create a holographic experience without the need of glasses. Check out TLR Technology's pre-review of the device.

The Media Machine: RED Hydrogen One

“You didn’t see or hear this coming…” – RED Hydrogen, LLC

Hydrogen One photo:

Video & Camera Quality

The RED Hydrogen One has a 4-view lightfield display that creates a whole new experience better than 3D.  This type of technology doesn’t require any glasses. It’s powered by nanotechnology that creates realistic light and textures bringing your content to life.  I mean who doesn’t want their selfies to look more realistic…

“What 3D Always Wished It Was…” – RED Hydrogen, LLC


With proprietary A3D sound, the RED Hydrogen One will sound like a theater in the palm of your hand.  There is no need for headphones to hear this immersive sound. The Hydrogen One has a full sound effect with headphones on and a near-surround without. I mean I definitely like hearing my music as if I am there at a concert from the comfort of my home.  The RED Hydrogen One is said to deliver that experience for you.

RED photo from


The RED Hydrogen One comes in two different models: titanium and aluminum. The two models will have 5.7″ QHD Holographic 4-View display. The 2D display quality is around 2560 x 1440 resolution.  Coming in 2019, RED will have modules available for this device.  The RED Hydrogen One weighs about 263g (292g for the titanium model). Comes with Android Oreo (8.1).  It has the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835.  The aluminum models come with 128GB storage and titanium models have 256GB.  Both models have the capabilities to expand up to 256GB with the microSD external storage. The rear camera is 12MP (average) and front face is 8MP (average).  This device can render 4k videos.  USB-C for charging and headphones.  Bluetooth connectivity. Comes with a 4,500mAh battery.


The RED Hydrogen One is said to be priced at $1195.

Check out the videos RED has available at


Tells us your thoughts about this device.  Do you think it’s worth the hype? Would this be your next device?

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