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It’s a Microsoft Surface, It’s A Pixel Slate, No! It’s The Samsung Galaxy Book 2

Product Photography - Verizon Galaxy Book2 

(Photo: Samsung)

     Today Samsung announced the new Galaxy Book 2, this is basically Samsung’s take on a Microsoft Surface. The Galaxy Book 2 runs in S mode (windows lite) which make sense as the processor Samsung chose is the mobile-based Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 850 (Quad 2.96GHZ + Quad 1.7 GHz). Time will tell just how well this processor can handle Windows 10, but as far as the specs go, it sounds decent. The Galaxy Book will have 4GB of RAM which again might be a little lite for 2018/2019 again we’ll have to try it for ourselves before passing judgment. Storage comes in at 128GB which is ok giving that Samsung has supplied a micro sd card slot (YES!!). The screen is Samsung so I expect it to be top notch. Samsung has installed a fingerprint reader, again a big win device security. Battery life is rated up to 20 hours, I believe with real-world use it may be a bit less.

     Overall here is the selling point, it has LTE built in a will be sold at most major phone carriers in November. It comes with the keyboard and stylus, no extra purchase needed, AND its priced at $1000. Is it worth it, maybe when compared to the cost of flagship smartphones these days.

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