Is Google’s New Chromecast Worth It?

What was Google thinking?

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“I don’t think any company should ever release a product that it feels doesn’t deserve even a mention.”

     I remember buying 7, yes 7 Chromecast 2 years ago as Christmas gifts. In fact, I bought my mom a second Chromecast last Christmas. I’ll be the first to say I love what the Chromecast allows you to do and how seamlessly it works. It’s not perfect in my opinion, and with the releases of the newest revision I question is it worth it in late 2018.

     Google quietly released a new revision of the Chromecast at the Made by Google earlier this week. I’m sure the reason it was quiet is simply it wasn’t worth talking about and that’s sad. I don’t think any company should ever release a product that it feels doesn’t deserve even a mention, but apparently, Google does, Sigh.

     So, the thing is the new version added better wifi, and the BIG thing is it now supports and outputs 1080p video… Come on Google is this 2016, 4K TV cost like $300 now and are everywhere. Is anyone buying a TV  that’s not 4k. (Face Palm)

     It’s dishearting to see a company releasing products that are generations behind the competition. I at one point could argue that for the cost of $35 the Chromecast was worth the purchase, now I just can’t. The problem lies within the new hardware itself, and yes I know that Google does make the Chromecast ultra with 4k support. Yes, it cost a premium price and NO! it doesn’t come with a remote.

     In my opinion, this is a much better option, and this is coming from a hardcore Google fan.

Screenshot 2018-10-12 at 11.33.54 AM


     The 4k Fire TV stick was released a week ago by Amazon, it cost $14 more, gives you 4k HDR output, A remote control with Alexa voice assistant built in (Sidenote: The remote can control smart home devices) and now the remote has an IR blaster that can control TV volume.

     If you ask me its no contest at this point (October 2018 ) when it comes to add-on streamers. I’ll continue to use the casting directly to my 4k TV where I get 4k content, but the rest of the TV’s will remain in the Fire Ecosystem.

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