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First Look and Thoughts of the Pixel Slate

My most controversial thought on the Pixel Slate, the cost.

 “Sure the Pixel Slate is a premium device but when you get the premium specs I don’t know if even a Chrome OS nut like me would foot the bill.”


     Well if you’re a fan of Google today was a day you either loved, hated or you just felt blah. While the Pixel 3 phones are going to be a bit of a controversial subject the Pixel Slate is what I want to talk about.

     We posted about the likelihood of it being released today at the Made by Google event yesterday in the Pixelbook year one review. We as well as many others in the Chrome OS sphere were correct. This is my first look and thoughts about the Pixel Slate.

     Ok, so let me start here. I’ve known about the Pixel Slate for a few months under the code name Nocturne. We knew it was going to be a Chrome OS detachable tablet. Later the community found the patent for the fingerprint reader power button. All of these features sounded fantastic before the pictures of the device leaked a few days ago. Now that I’ve finally gotten a fairly decent look at the device I have a few thoughts.

Pixel Slate3

(photo’s from

     The device externally looks great, the screen has the highest pixel density of any device in the category. In fact, Google showed it off by playing 8K video…(Yeah, I said 8K). The midnight blue color looks cool, and I think I prefer it to basic black that many other devices ship in.

“My most controversial thought on the Pixel Slate, the cost.”

     The keyboard dock seems to hold firm, and from what Google is saying the round keys make it easier to type on while making fewer mistakes. This makes logical sense as you won’t accidentally hit the corner of the key next to the one you intend on punching. I’m a little meh on the looks of the round keys though. They remind me of some of the cheap Logitec Bluetooth keyboards, but hey if it works it works. The folio portion of the case uses a magnet that can slide up and down on the back of the Pixel Slate making it usable in nearly any angle (good thinking there Google). The keyboard feel is stated to be very similar to the Pixelbook, if this is true then it will feel awesome under your fingers.

Pixel Slate4

(photo’s from

     Now to my most controversial thoughts on the Pixel Slate, the cost. My thoughts are more of a double edge sword. As a tablet, the $599 starting price is similar to what the Samsung Galaxy tab S4 cost at launch, which is fair. The Pixel Slate in its base configuration also cost less than the 10.5in iPad Pro, which is one of the competitors Google was most certainly aiming for. Again, that’s good news.

     When you start looking at it as a laptop or Chromebook replacement is when things start to get a bit weird. I purchased my Pixelbook at launch for the retail price of $999 not including the Pixelbook Pen which I bought separately for $99 a year ago. I have the version with the i5, 8GB of RAM and the 128GB SSD which has been fantastic overkill, but fantastic none the less. If you spec the Pixel Slate at the same specs it looks like this.


Pixel Slate

  • 8th gen i5 processor
  • 8GB of RAM
  • 128GB storage


Keyboard attachment $199

Total cost = $1,198

Pixel Slate5

(photo’s from

     Obviously, that’s $200 more than a comparable Pixelbook, a device many people consider ludicrously priced. The $1,200 price starts to move the Pixel Slate into the territory of seriously great thin and light gaming laptop. Sure the Pixel Slate is a premium device but when you get the premium specs I don’t know if even a Chrome OS nut like me would foot the bill. However, at the $599 price range for the base model, I could see myself picking one up at the first sign of a sale to use as a tablet device only.

     Post your thoughts in the comment section, we love hearing from the readers and getting you guys and girls thoughts.

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