Pixelbook Year-end review

Made by Google 2018 is tomorrow, that means the Pixelbook is a year old. How do I feel about it now?




The 2018 “Made by Google” event is tomorrow 10/9/2018 and marks exactly 1 year since Google announced the ultra-premium Chromebook… The Pixelbook. I immediately texted the link to TLR and said I need this, later that day it was ordered and thanks to Google I received it before the official release date and posted one of the first reviews to youtube. This is a my follow up review after using the Pixlebook for nearly a year as my primary device for everything, other than Triple-A gaming and video editing. My pc gaming and video editing are done 90% of the time on my super clean tinted glass windows 10 custom built gaming pc, but everything else including the last 10% of pc gaming and video editing is done on the Pixelbook.

(side note: I’m typing this on the Pixelbook)

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Quick Refresher

     I’ll start here, the Google Pixelbook is a super thin premium built Chromebook that was released as a halo device and to replace the aging Chromebook Pixel.

  • It has a full aluminum frame, one of the brightest, crispest,  and vibrant displays in the PC market… PERIOD.
  • The keyboard is backlit and has widely been praised for its typing feel. Reviewers including myself think it better to type on than the current MacBooks.
  • The trackpad is glass, smooth and accurate. Again compared to the MacBooks, most have agreed that it’s just as good.
  • The  Processor is either a low wattage Intel i5 or i7 to allow for a fanless design and thin overall profile.
  • RAM is 8gb in the i5 models or 16gb in the i7 model.
  • Storage comes in 3 sizes, 128GB SSD or 256GB SSD in the i5 models. The top of the line i7 model comes with 512GB NVME storage.


     TLDR; If you’re in the market for a Chromebook, and you want the premium experience with nothing held back buy the Pixelbook. It can be found on sale for $750 right now and at that price, it’s worth it for sure. Its about  $150- $200 more than some of the competitors premium Chromebooks, but once you look at the specs the cost is easily justified.


“Would I buy this Pixelbook again at the original cost $999? YES, with no hesitation.”


Keeping It Real

     I’m attempting to keep this year-in-review short, sweet and brutally honest. Would I buy this Pixelbook again at the original cost $999? YES!, with no hesitation. This thing is a beast, It chews through what I do daily with ease. It’s lightweight and easy to carry, it’s beautiful, the battery lasts long enough to do what I need. When I need to charge it, I get a few hours of usage with only charging for 15 minutes or so thanks to Google’s quick charging feature. ( A full charge takes an hour or so)


     The build quality is the same as it was on day one. The hinges are still sturdy, smooth and firm. I’ve seen no noticeable loss in the battery life. The keyboard and trackpad still work as well as they did out of the box. Overall the build quality has remained the same. The speakers are ok, not great but that hasn’t changed from day one. A laptop this thin isn’t going to have bombastic speakers but the include speakers do the job.

Current Events


     Throughout the year Google has updated the security as it does with all Chromebooks every few weeks. Google has also updated multitasking, Android app support and added support to easily install Linux programs. Realistically there isn’t much that I can’t do from it.


     I know I said that I don’t really game or edit video from the Pixelbook, and It’s the truth… Sort of


      This is where the Pixelbook has aged well in the last year. Support!!! Steam has an in-home streaming app for android that works great, it allows me to stream any game from my sexy GTX1080 gaming pc to the Pixelbook while I’m on my home network. What that means triple-A games can be played on the razor-thin Pixelbook. While I’m on the subject of current updates, Google has added full Xbox controller/ controller support.

                     (Steam in home streaming via wifi)



     Google just unveiled in the last week that it’s creating a video game streaming service to deliver triple-A games to the Chrome browser. Triple-A gaming on a Chromebook anywhere with an internet connection will soon be the norm and don’t forget that 99.9% of android games should now run on the Pixelbook. 

(Update: I’ve been using Googles Project Stream service to play Assassin Creed Odyssey, Tripple-A gaming on Chromebooks are now a thing!!!)

Screenshot 2018-10-08 at 7.36.27 PM

(screenshot of  steam in home streaming; Rise of the Tomb Raider)


 Photo editing has never really been a problem with a Pixelbook, but as a quick update, Adobe launched a version of Lightroom CC that updated just after the Pixelbook was released. This version was targeted toward the Pixelbook and has 95% of the features of the full version, and probably has too many features for the casual photographer.


      Updating on the video editing front is better than it was at launch as well. The refinement of Android apps on Chromebooks has made Audio recording and Video editing much easier than before. What’s better than Android apps is the addition of Linux apps/program. When it comes to video and audio editing Linux support opens another layer of awesome programs to get the job done.


Rumor: Google is looking into adding Windows 10 support to Chromebooks if this happens Chromebooks will be the most versatile computer system on the market.


The Conclusion


     These are just some of the many reasons I don’t regret the purchase. The Pixelbook is way overpowered for what a Chromebook really needs to be, but Google knew what the plan was the whole time. The 8GB of RAM i5 processor and increased storage are all become more relevant every passing day and after every Google press events.


     Let’s be real here. The next version of the Pixlebook with smaller bezels will likely be announced tomorrow, the Pixel Slate will likely be revealed tomorrow as well. The cost of the current Pixelbook has been lowered to $750 and maybe just maybe it will go lower… but I doubted.

     Bottom line is the Pixel line of devices are the cream of the crop, halo devices that lead the way and form the path that many other hardware manufacturers such as Dell, Asus, and Lenovo will take. We saw it all of 2018 premium Chromebook after premium Chromebook was released into the market and the Pixlebook reigns supreme over all of those to this date.


     If you want a secure device to surf the web, type an email, or stream music or video get one of the super nice cheaper Chromebooks such as an Asus Chromebook flip, or a Samsung Chromebook plus.


     If you want all of these above on a shoestring budget get one of the many decent Chromebooks that cost $149- $175 BRAND NEW!


     If the budget isn’t really an option and you want to stream audio while surfing the web while chatting in another window/ app AT THE SAME TIME WITH NO NOTICEABLE PERFORMANCE DIP get a Pixelbook / device and don’t look back.


(Best Buy  have the Chromebooks on display including the Pixelbook series of devices if you want to get hands-on)

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