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Blue Yeti & Snowball Ice…Which is Best For You?

Needing a new mic or are you just starting out with streaming. Check out this article and video on the Blue Yeti and Snowball Ice microphones.

Blue Yeti & Snowball Ice…Which is Best For You?

I have been asked several times what all is needed to get started when recording videos for streaming, YouTube, Podcasts, etc.  To be honest, as long as you have a good quality mic…you are definitely off to a good start.  This video will give you a comparison of the Blue Yeti & Snowball Ice mics.  Here at TLR Technology, we like them both.  The Blue Yeti is probably my favorite.  This video is also on my YouTube channel: monstermini225.


To Purchase

Like either or maybe both mics, here are the links to each mic:

Blue Yeti: https://amzn.to/2Rx8EG6

Blue Snowball Ice: https://amzn.to/2yq0Aya

This was TLR Technology personal experience.  This is not a paid post nor is this post affiliated with Blue company.  This video is proof of TLR Technology own personal experience.  Please feel free to leave a comment below. Would love to hear your experience with the Blue company. Please note there are Amazon Affiliate links. This is no cost to you, but we will receive a minor kickback to maintain TLR Technology’s website. Thanks in advance for your continued support.

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