Amazon Fire Cube Built for 4k Streaming

Amazon Fire Cube Built for 4k Streaming

Amazon Fire Cube is the new smart + home entertainment device. The Fire Cube has 4k HDR 10 built in. Comes with an Alexa enabled remote control.  This is the new way to control your home entertainment center.  Her at TLR Technology we have the tv, sound system, and gaming systems hooked up to the Amazon Fire Cube.  All we have to say is “Alexa, Turn on TV.”  The TV and sound system turns on.  Watch this video below as our own, Jules B., talks about the unboxing of the Amazon Fire Cube.

To Purchase

If you are looking to purchase an Amazon Fire Cube, here is the link below:

Amazon Fire Cube:


This was TLR Technology personal experience.  This is not a paid post nor is this post affiliated with Amazon.  This video is proof of TLR Technology own personal experience.  Please feel free to leave a comment below. Would love to hear your experience with the Blue company. Please note there are Amazon Affiliate links. This is no cost to you, but we will receive a minor kickback to maintain TLR Technology’s website. Thanks in advance for your continued support.

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